Best Place To Eat Jajang Noodle In Singapore

Jajang Noodle, also known as Jajangmeyon, is a mixed Korean and Chinese dish, originated from a Chinese dish Zha Jiang. Jajangmeyon is actually a steamed noodle course with very thick and dark sauce topped with chopped vegetables. Some people also make it with fried noodles and use seafood too for topping. So this dish has following three ingredients.

• Noodles
• Sauce
• Accompaniments

The sauce is the main attraction of this dish. This sauce contains the paste of salty black soybean and meat of lamb, chicken or beef. In some areas yellow beans are also used to make the sauce less dark. This dish is usually served with diced onions, seasonal vegetables and sometimes seafood too. Overall this course is very balanced, delicious and nutritious that is why it is one of the most favorite dishes in China, Japan, Korea and Singapore.

Chinatown Singapore

Chinatown is best place for all kinds of Asian stuff. If you want to eat Jajang noodles in a very traditional way then this place is best for you. There are lots of Korean Chinese restaurants for all class of customers. They serve huge variety of Chinese, Korean, Thai and Continental food. Best places in Chinatown for Chinese Korean food are.

• Smith Street
• Maxwell Road

Dong Bang Hong

Dong Bang Hong is a Korean Chinese restaurant and extremely popular for its Jajangmeyon noodles. Our certified chefs are well renowned for cooking delicious meal for our customers. We serve wide range of courses of rice, meat, prawn, mushroom scallops, abalone scallops, sea cucumber, mixed food, bean curd and vegetables. Besides these dishes we also serve quality drinks to complement the needs of customers. Our attendants and waiters are polite and well trained to take specific orders from food lovers. So visit our cozy restaurant to enjoy best food of your life with our unmatched services.

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