Experience Super Tasty – Fried Chicken With Garlic Sauce

Dishes like fried chicken, beef, fried rice and seafood are a hit in Singapore, people love to eat them at dinner tables as they are easy and quick to available along with a delightful taste. The fried chicken is most liked one, and there is a variety of ways it can be cooked. Fried chicken with garlic sauce is the one of the most delicious type of it.

Fried chicken is one of the great spicy and tasty foods. Also it is amazingly versatile meats. We can have it as fried, baked, broiled or boiled one in our meal. And you can enjoy its delicious taste in all forms. This is fact and no untrue that chicken is being considered as most exotic meats.

Many people prepare it at home as well, if you are the one who is trying cooking it at your home take care not to use much salt while cooking. Since chicken is considered as a very healthy dish as well, it appears that the notion of fried chicken goes against type. When you cook it at home the smell of fried chicken may cause the neurons in the brain to start firing up and taste buds to start working overtime. Sometimes it becomes hard to resist. It is generally cooked with good cooking oil, hot sauce flour, milk or cream, old baby seasoning, garlic salt, paprika, and seasonings like old bay, garlic salt and Paprika.

To experience a real taste and enjoy it fully you must go to Dong Bang Hong restaurant, you are going to love it. They make it quickly with a wonderful taste better than anywhere you can found. It is at the same time extremely healthy and nutritious.

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