Top 5 Korean Foods You Must Try

Most of us know only if you are a food lover that overseas Korean and Chinese food has a rich history. Here we listed top 5 foods you must try, you are going to love them.

1. Soondubu Jiggae Soft Tofu Stew – 순두부 찌개

Soondubu jiggae is a delicious Korean stew (jiggae) which is thicker than a soup but thinner than porridge. The best thing of this food it’s not just delicious but also very healthy. You must give it a try and you would really enjoy it. You can eat it along with rice.

2. Seolleongtang Ox Bone Soup – 설렁탕


Seolleongtang soup is liked by most people in Korea. If you are trying it for the first time don’t just go with its color as it does not taste something what it looks – this is the beefiest tasting soup you would love! It’s very much loved in winters soup but also liked by many in summers as well. In Korea Seolleongtang soup is being served for breakfast – not just dinner – as Korean’s typically have soup, rice, and side dishes for breakfast.

3. Ddukbokkie Rice Cake Street Food – 떡볶이


Ddukbokkie is the yummiest food of Korea. Ddukbokkie (it is pronounced roughly like “dok-bok-ee”) can be served in various styles. You will find it full of mixed taste as it comes packed with an immense amount of flavour and is very chewy and soft.

4. Kimchi Fermented Cabbage – 김치


It is a Korean traditional meal which is a mixture of various pickled vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, radish, green onion and cucumber. Kimchi is such an important dish in Korea that it is eaten with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It may not sound something tasty, not look delicious, but it actually tastes amazing.

5. Bibimbap Mixed Rice – 비빔밥


Bibimbap is another delicious cuisine which you can serve with a spicy sauce made from gochujang (Korean hot pepper paste) you then use your spoon. This tastes awesome and easily makes you fall in love at first bite.

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