Exotic Korean Foods

When it comes to food, it’s not just taste yum, pleasant and exotic but also it has a reflection of a regions culture, climate and traditions. Korean food tastes unique and very special as their climate and culture are completely different. Korean mostly eats sea food and fields and mountains products. Amazing health benefits, abundant nutrients, and super spiciness is there in Korean food. Korean foods got a lot of popularity among the tourists and the food enthusiasts. It’s not only there traditional super tasty kimchi that actually makes the Korean cuisine more unique but other foods also being loved and are an important part of their culture .

The distinguishing factor of a Korean food is a wow combination of nutrients and seasonings, making their dishes completely unique. Generally their seasonings has red pepper, soy sauce, green onion, garlic, sesame, bean past, vinegar and wine to name a few. Korean foods have a lot of other foods as side dishes. The most loved and eaten are kimchi, beanpaste soup, broiled beef and fish including steamed vegetables.

When it comes to table manners and etiquettes they are totally different and represent the Korean culture. Koreans use chopsticks and a spoon for their eating utensils. They use spoon scoop rice and chopsticks to eat different side dishes. You should know if sometimes you get to dine out with Koreans that using both at the same time is not considered a good table manner.

Korea has a variety of amazing places for dining out including street vendors, small restaurants, and formal ones that offer a full-course meal. These places also have fast foods that offer western and Korean dishes. You not necessary need to give a tip as it is not a custom in the country. Along with the meals, Koreans do not often drink anything instead water or often tea.

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