Cuisine and Dining in Korea

Korean peninsula, totally different climate, the sea, the field, and the mountains makes Korean food exclusive, exotic and more abundant. Korean food is extremely rich in nutritious. Korean food combines various seasonings-red pepper, green onion, soy sauce, bean paste, garlic, ginger, sesame, mustard, vinegar and wine to taste it spicy and pleasing.

Korean food has a variety of side dishes and one of the most popular side dish is Kimchi (kimchee, gimchee) at the Korean table. Kimchi is the most liked dish and other popular side dishes are bean taste soup, broiled beef, fish, and steamed vegetables. Korean meal “is called “Hanjoungshik” which may include grilled fish, steamed short ribs, and other meat and vegetable dishes with steamed rice, soup, and “kimchi”. Kimchi is made of many vegetables that are generally spicy and fermented, at the same time can also be a bit salted and seasoned with pepper, garlic, etc. It is served with most types of Korean meals and it stimulates the appetite like pickles. There are a wide variety of kimchi you have hundreds of ways to prepare kimchi from chive to radish to cucumber. Mostly Kimchi are made in late fall or early winter for the winter in big quantities. Kimchiis a healthy meal and abundantly contains vitamin C, and fibre.
Another favourite dish of Koreans is meat “pulgoki” is generally called “Korean barbecue”. It is cooked in a sause made with soysauce, garlic, sugar, sesame oil, and other seasonings. Soups,”guk” and “cchigue” in Korean are much liked due to their climate and weather. They have a wide variety of soups and generally vegetables and beef bones are used to made delicious soup.

Vegetable dish is also very much eaten in Korea. Korean basically eats a lot of vegetables with rice in their meal. They have an amazing range of food and vegetable dishes, various in flavours and tastes.

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