Food Paradise: Singapore

If travelling is something that excites you than knowing that the place you are going to travel is popular for exotic and unique foods, doesn’t that enhance your excitement? Yes, it does, it doubles the joy of discovering the place. Singaporeans love food, eating, and dine out. The kind of foods available in Singapore is truly bewildering and surprising! You can find amazing places which offer as diverse, exotic and thoroughly appealing a food scene as Singapore, suit all budgets and tastes, ranging from the popular hawker centres and coffee shops to swish, contemporary restaurants. Undoubtedly that Singapore is often called as The Food Paradise!

Since Singapore is a multi-racial and multi-cultural society, Singaporean food includes a wide variety of cuisines. Korean and Chinese food and restaurants are a big hit due to its richness, tastes and peculiarities of unique culture.

The major part of Singapore population is Chinese and Koreans, this can be a reason that Korean Chinese foods with the wide variety dominates the country. Also blend of Chinese cuisine and Malay cuisine that is famous and widely available. Singaporeans love for spice and chilly, also make them fall in love with Korean Chinese food.

Singapore is being considered as an international city because of a wide amazing variety of cuisines. You can enjoy any foods from the familiar Thai cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Korean cuisine, Italian cuisine, Mexican cuisine, French cuisine and Middle Eastern cuisine to the more unusual African cuisine or Russian cuisine in Singapore.

In the city to the heartlands, you will easily discover amazing countless restaurants, food courts and coffee shops, where you can explore and enjoy unique and different spices, crisps and tastes.

Sometimes you may wonder that Singaporeans obsessed with food or the best eating opportunities, amazing places offering unique and exotic tastes drives them to love it. Whatever it is but food is very important and a major thing of their lives.

When talking about the amazing Korean foods and cuisines, Dong Bang Hong is one of the most famous, highly sophisticated, lavish and luxurious restaurant. Dong Bang Hong is known for the world class cuisines and frequented by a lot of people from all over the world. It offers a large number of delicious Korean dishes which attracts and makes people to visit the restaurant again and again. The restaurant has everything from good food to special drinks which provides you an amazing experience. To enjoy the real taste of delicious world class Chinese and Korean food do visit Dong Bang Hong restaurant!

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